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KP Shaving Oil and Shaving cream is applied to the face, or wherever else hair grows, to assist shaving. This is an essential part of a perfect shave. The use of KP Shaving Oil and Shaving cream lubricates the shaving surface, softening the hair, and desensitizes skin. KP Shaving Oil and Cream prepares the skin for shaving and moisturizes at the same time. The mix of natural ingredients including KP’s amazing Body Butter leaves a smooth protective layer on your skin for the smoothest closest shave possible.  Once your skin is silky smooth and free of unwanted hair; spray on a few spritz of KP After Shave to nourish, hydrate and leave your skin feeling refreshed.  

Shaving Cream 4oz

  • Sorry we can NOT accept open, used or old products. We can do an even exchange if the product is in its original condition. If you would like to test a product or smell a particular product, it is strongly recommended to order a sample 1st. This will help you decided if this is the product or smell you desire.

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